Welcome to Coast Community Church

We are a Church full of grace, love, understanding, truth, healing and the power of Jesus. You will be greeted by people who care about you personally. There’s no fear of being looked down upon or judged for who you are or where you have been in life. Life has it’s challenges, and we fully understand that. Come as you are, relax, and let the love of Jesus touch and fill your life.If you have already visited with us, we praise God. If not, please consider attending at your earliest convenience. We believe that you will be glad that you did. Come alone, or bring the whole family and all of your friends. Coast Community Church has people of all ages and backgrounds.As the senior leader of Coast Community Church, I, along with my wife, Allison, would like to warmly greet you in the name and power of the Risen Lord, Jesus. There is truly no other name by which people can be saved and come to have an intimate relationship with the One and only God.
Life has many challenges, and yet, great opportunities. It is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Word of the Lord where we find our true identity and understand the will of God. Having God-worshipping, Jesus-loving people around you certainly helps to make that journey easier, more rewarding and extraordinarily powerful.God is love, and we are to love one another as He has shown His great love for us.We believe that Coast Community Church is exactly this type of church. No, we in no way believe that we are somehow better than other local churches, but we do believe that we are unique and strive to become all that God has called us to be.

In the Love of Jesus, Deen and Allison Brashear


Church Founders


Sundays @ 10:30am
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm