Holy Week

Holy Week is a very special week around CCC. There are several events throughout the week that make it a special time of remembrance. Though we call it Holy “week”, it all actually starts almost 45 days before on Ash Wednesday. We do carry the tradition of acknowledging our sins and their consequences on this night by participating in the ceremony of ashes. Each person who chooses to participate is anointed with oil and then ashes are placed on the forehead. This ceremony marks the start of the season of Lent.
We then celebrate later Palm Sunday, Seder Dinner, and Easter Sunday. Sometimes we hold a special evening program during this week, but it is not an annual event. We believe the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is vital in the salvation of man and should be remembered and celebrated by all Christians around the world.

Seder Dinner

One of the unique celebrations of our church. Essentially, we are celebrating the Passover dinner. This is done on “Mounday” Thursday (the Thursday between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday). We take this time to eat a fully kosher Jewish passover in remembrance of our heritage and what God did for the Israelites to prepare them ultimately for the true sacrifice, Jesus Christ. We do make some adjustments to the ceremony because we understand our saviour, Jesus Christ, has already come. Many in our church body consider this one of their favorite nights of the year – it is truly special!

Mission Trip

We believe sometimes “life” can get in the way of the things God has in store for us. So, every year on Father’s Day (yes, we have good reasons for this), we leave for one week to go do nothing but ministry. This time of focus away from regular life can be the most refreshing and renewing week of the year, if allowed to be. We will drive (in a very long caravan) far enough away to be classified as “away.” We believe there are many communities here in Mississippi who need as much service and ministering to as any city or town overseas.
Anyone ages 13 to 100+* is welcome to join us for one week of ministry, worship, and fun! The cost this year is $140.00, and it covers your food, lodging, and travel for the week. WOW – can’t beat that! We welcome you, young and not so young, to join us for this special week! You do not have to be a church member, or even a regular attender, to come with us on this special journey. Come and see what the Lord can do for you!
 *Age, health, and ability limitations are taken into consideration when assigning persons to groups, and groups to tasks. If you want to attend, but are limited in your physical activity, just let us know – we would still LOVE to have to come.

Christmas Program

God has blessed our church with a wide variety of creative talents in many different levels of ability. We use these gifts each Christmas season to share the birth of Jesus in unique and special ways to portray this message to the lost and to remind those who are already saved of it’s importance.
Though there’s only one “story” of his birth, there are so many ways we can express our gratitude, celebrate the victory, and portray the details.