Creative Ministries

Our creative ministries department is more than just a drama team. Our desire is to take the Word of God and present it in unique and creative ways. God has filled our church with a blessed team of people with talents and gifts in a variety of areas. Each of our ministries presented below is led by people with a passion and a calling to reach those who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus and minister to them through various media until they do.


This team shares the gospel and God’s heart for people through sketches. We have been blessed to find great resources with scripts that speak right to the heart. We also have several members who have spent the last few years developing their script writing skills, and their words have made us laugh, cry, reflect, and more! 


Our dance ministry allows our Worship Leader, Erin Brashear to use her love and passion for God and for dance to teach the young, old, athletic and out of shape to dance before the Lord. We believe that God has given us a great opportunity not only to use this creative outlet to stay a little healthier, but to worship Him and give Him glory. See Erin if you’d like to get involved.


This highly entertaining and God-glorifying ministry is not just for children. Through the use of puppets, we are able to tell stories in ways that are humorous and give the congregation a chance to laugh at their own follies and failures and rejoice in God’s power. Afraid of standing on a stage in front of everyone, but want to be involved – this could be your ministry!  We can always use puppeteers and propeteers and people who just love to make things. Please see Jerry Christal or Maria Dacus if you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry.


This team exists to glorify God through the creativity of movement by worshipping God for who He is and for His great worth with all of our heart, mind, soul, and body. Movement is one response to God that we may use to express our gratefulness and love. Movement may include “Human Videos” (a drama sketch to music), Stick Dancing, Miming, and more. Our focus is on bringing glory to God! Please see Jordan West if you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry.


Our sign language ministry has regular classes that teach conversational sign and lyrics to praise and worship songs. Our team performs to a variety of songs for special services and other occasions. You can also see people signing throughout our worship center on a regular basis as they use their hands to worship during our services.  If you’d like more information on when our classes meet – see Rebecca Ray or contact the church for more information.