Leadership is yet another area of the ministry at Coast Community Church that we believe has its responsibilities before its privileges. There are two types of ministry leadership at CCC. The first of which is called the Five-Fold Ministry. “What is five-fold ministry,” you ask? Five-Fold ministry is basically CCC’s term for the five different ministry roles outlined in the Bible in Ephesians 4:11-13. These are the apostles, prophets (we have none of these yet), pastors, teachers,and evangelists of the church. Along with the elders, these are the “executive ministers”, if you will. The Five-Fold ministers are the main overseers of the ministry at CCC.

Ronnie “Deen” Brashear

Apostle, Founder, Senior Leader

Joel A. Smith

Senior Pastor, Evangelist

J. Troy Hill

Pastor, Worship Team Member

Bob D’Orville


George “Buck” Black


Cindy Cameron


Secondly, we have our general ministry leaders. We strongly believe that it is extremely important to have leaders in place in every ministry, so that there is a person or persons who can be responsible for making sure that each particular ministry within the walls of CCC is being implemented in a God-honoring and biblical way. Leaders in the church are people who have a strong heart after God and seek for his will to be done to the best of their ability within a particular ministry. We also believe that in order to be a leader, you must be able to be a follower. It is because of this belief that we do not seek to put people in leadership as soon as they join the church or before they join the church.

We believe it is very beneficial to first allow a new member to be assimilated into the body, through getting connected in a community and maybe even being on a ministry team, such as our Hospitality Ministry or Cross Center Creative Ministries–just two examples of where a member can serve in the ministry of CCC without being the main leader of the ministry itself.

Earlean Murray

Church Secretary /
Hospitality Minister

Contacting Us

The following is a list of the ministry leaders of Coast Community Church. If you have any questions about any of our ministries, or our church in general, please visit our Contact Us form and shoot us an email.  The church secretary will connect you with the person who can be most helpful to you.

Phillip Fontes

Transportation Coordinator

Josh Brashear

Men’s Ministry Coordinator

Darcy Fontes

“Women of the Word”
Ministry Coordinator

Michelle Brashear

“Kids In Motion”
Children’s Ministry Director

Roberto Rodriguez

Music Ministry:

Erin Brashear

Music Ministry Leader
and Dance Ministry Leader

Jordan West

Creative Ministry Coordinator
and Drama Ministry Leader

Rebecca Ray

Sign Language Ministry Leader

Jerry Christal

Puppet Ministry Co-Leader

Josh Dacus

Audio ~ Video ~ Lights ~ Tech
Ministry Coordinator

Brent Cameron

AVLT: Video Network Team Leader

Maria Dacus

AVLT: Lighting Coordinator
and Puppet Ministry Co-Leader