Oh, That Mind of Mine

I heard an interesting take on our individual senses today, and it has inspired me enough to write about it. I heard someone speaking that said, “You think with your eyes, but you feel with your ears.” Let that sink in. Ok. Still not making sense, right? Of course, I had to reflect for quite a while on this, but I believe that God may have a bit of input on this. Now, you do have the natural five senses, which are sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. But this thought of “cross-contaminating” these senses are pretty astounding to me, so let’s take it slowly. We have sight to see, duh, but it is often our processing machine. We read, watch, and analyze everything in our world. We do this with incredible response rates, and yet we still crave to learn and understand more.
Our thinking, praying, reading, and seeking should stem from God’s word. This is known as our Daily Bread and our assurance to what we have been willed in this world. This is practical, and it should be a part of consistent walk, step-in-step with our Father, but does it stop there?
Then, let’s look at the ear feeling. Now this isn’t a tickle of something brushing up against our ears, or the horrible pain of an ear infection. It isn’t the agony of being corrected by adolescent figure when we were younger, or the extremely hot feeling of our blood pressure rising. Rather, it is hearing true emotion being conveyed from someone voice. It is the joy that you feel from hearing a song. It pulls out the laughter from a joke, or the soft but powerful voice of a child entering into the world. It is also the moment when everything stops, because you hear the voice of God.
“He who has an ear, let him hear” is used so often when God, Jesus, Holy Spirit or the angels spoke. They wanted both thinking and feeling to occur. This process makes for an amazing outpouring when we are in worship before our Father, and it should become our expectation. The expectation of being lost in our surroundings, and to simply dive into the depth of our Almighty Father is worth giving Him our eyes, ears, thoughts and feelings. May we take these two things with us in our Christian walk, and enjoy the delight being left in wonder with our Good, Good Father.


Living Through Saturday


If you have spent any time in Church, you are probably familiar with the term “Holy Week”. It is the name we have given to the final week of Jesus’ life during which many important events of of our faith took place. It starts on Palm Sunday, the day we remember Jesus triumphantly entering Jerusalem and being hailed as a conquering King. In my church and many others, we also come together to celebrate on “Maundy Thursday” or “the Seder” where we celebrate Jesus’ last Passover supper with his disciples when he instituted the Lord’s Supper, or Communion. The following night we have a very somber, but beautiful, Good Friday service where we contemplate Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, and, of course, at the end of the week there is Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, the culminating celebration that marked the end of the power of sin and death in our lives. 
Everyone looks forward to Easter Sunday, and rightly so. Jesus’ emergence from the tomb victorious over death is arguably the most important moment in human history. But there is one day in this Holy Week that has no celebration. It has no special name; it barely gets a mention. Saturday. 
For us today, the Saturday before Easter has become a prep day for the celebrations to come. We start the preparations on our Sunday dinners, assemble Easter baskets for the kids, and host or attend egg hunts or family get-togethers that time or weather may not permit on Sunday. It is busy and filled, and if we’re honest, we probably don’t give the reason for all the busy-ness much thought on that “extra” day of our “Holy Week”.
But what about that true Holy Week? On that Saturday where the body of Jesus lay lifeless in a borrowed rock tomb, what was that Saturday like for the disciples? His family and friends who had believed that THIS was the Messiah they had been promised to deliver them, and yet had seemingly not even been able to deliver himself? The feeling of loss and betrayal they must have felt must have been crushing. For three years, they had followed him, many giving up families, jobs, homes, everything they had for him. And now, he was gone. They had no way of knowing the great things God was preparing. From their perspective, all was darkness and loss and fear and pain. There was nothing to do but wait with no foreseeable end to the waiting. Saturday seemed it would last forever.
As you are reading this, you may be going through Saturday right now. Oh, I know you may be physically reading this on any day of the week, but spiritually, for you, it is Saturday. Some tragedy or difficulty has stolen your joy and left you feeling hopeless and stumbling in the dark. God feels so far away, and it seems as if this time of darkness will last forever.
But have faith, Brother or Sister; Sunday is on its way. God has not abandoned us to wander in the darkness forever. This is just a temporary stopping place on the way to more glorious things. The reasons for this detour may be many. Maybe God is teaching you to stop and wait on him- teaching you to listen for that still, small voice that we so often overlook when things are going well. Maybe he is giving you a chance to reconsider choices made of late and giving you a chance to repent and turn back towards him. Whatever the reason just remember: Sunday IS on the way.
The day is coming when life will overcome death, and Jesus will reveal himself in a new, mighty, and awesome way. Like the disciples two millenia ago, when you least expect it, Jesus will show himself to you again and reaffirm what you already knew, but may have forgotten in the midst of the struggle and sorrow: Jesus is Lord. Jesus loves you, and He died for you. And since He has risen from the grave, we need never fear living through Saturday ever again. Amen.


Forgiveness or Permission

This is currently the Season of Lent.  It’s almost over – just a few more weeks. I have chosen to fast during this season, as I do every year.  For some reason, this year it’s harder for me.



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